Discover the best museums in Oslo

There are so many museums to visit in Oslo. Visit them and learn about the Norwegian history, Vikings and royalties.

Nobel Peace Center

Nobel – A story of war and peace

At the Noble Peace Center you can visit contemporary exhibitions and learn about the peace prize winners.

Kon-Tiki Museum

Get to know the world famous explorer

Explore the Kon-Tiki Museum with artefacts from the famous Kon-Tiki expedition, which was led by the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl.

Viking Ship Museum

Learn more about the Vikings!

Visit the museum on Bygdøy with the world's best-preserved Viking ships and many exciting discoveries from the Viking era in Norway.

Fram Museum

The famous expeditions on the Arctic Ocean

The museum's centerpiece is the polar ship Fram. You can board the ship and see the cabins, cargo area, lounges, engine room and salons.

Norwegian Folk Museum

Open-Air Museum with 160 historic buildings

Discover the Norwegian Folk Museum and learn about the history and culture of Norway from the middle ages to the 20th Century.

Munch Museum

A must see for the art lover

At the Munch Museum in Oslo you will find more than half of Edvard Munch's paintings and most of his prints.

Astrup Fearnley Museum

Best place for contemporary art

The Astrup Fearnley Museum is a private contemporary art museum at Tjuvholmen in Oslo.

Norwegian Maritime Museum

Discover the Norwegian maritime history

The Norwegian Maritime Museum is a nationwide museum of maritime heritage, rich in experiences and activities.

National Museum

The museum for art, architecture and design

The National Museum collects and takes care of, exhibits and disseminates the country's most extensive collections of art, architecture and design.